This is a site in progress. I have reviewed a lot of books in the eight or so months since I became a published author. I’m unashamed to publish the genres and the authors I like. No one gives me books in exchange for a positive review.

You’ll see that most of these reviews were first posted in YouGottaRead, a popular website administered by Cassandre Hickinbotham. I’ve written some of them for Siren’s “My Earnest Review” page, some for and some for Goodreads. Some here been published for the first time.

The “A to Z” section is my favorite…a little bit of everything. I’m sure as time goes by you’ll see that my tastes are rather far-reaching. In any normal visit to a bookstore, I usually leave with 80% non-fiction and 20% fiction. So if you can’t find something you like anywhere else on this site, check that category.

When the dust has settled, I will have a consistent rating system. As it is,  you’ll see “Hugz,” “stars” and “Lightning Bolts,” depending on where the review was published. I award on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest. As time goes by, and as my own writing improves, it becomes harder and harder for me to give the highest ratings. I would rather make authors stretch their talents rather than skim the surface of their capabilities.

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